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Commercial Training Consultants, better known as CTC, specializes in furnishing training and technical support services for your commercial vehicle & equipment operators as well as your fleet operations. We offer many different services and classes, a few of the things we offer are, CDL skills training, Driver Improvement Programs, and Forklift Training & Certification Programs. Please take a look at the services we offer, and let us know if we can help.

CDL Skill Training
Driver Improvement Programs (D.I.P.)
Forklift Training & Certification Program

A CDL is a commercial driver's license. We offer courses and training for CDL classes A & B with the assorted endorsements.

All commercial driver's license training includes: hands-on skills training for pre-trip inspection, closed course maneuvering, and operating a commercial vehicle on city streets & highways with traffic.

Driver Improvement Programs also known as Professional Drivers' Improvement Course. We offer three different D.I.P courses; Vehicle Inspection (PDI-I), Basic Control & Safe Driving (PDI-II), and Driving Hazards (PDI-III).

All D.I.P. Courses include: textbook for specific subject; driver data sheet; written test; certificate of completion; and wallet sized certificate card. Hands-on skills evaluation related to each course is also available.

We offer forklift operator certification for the experienced and inexperienced.


All Forklift Operator's Certification Courses include: textbook for specific subject; operator data sheet; written test; certificate of completion; wallet sized card; hands-on skills evaluation; and written record of hands-on skills evaluation.

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